About us

WELD-INOX is a company with multiple years of experience in the field of welding, metal fixing and general assembly/installation. Throughout years we’ve been steadily broadening the extent of our services. Currently we are using the most innovative technologies and employ a very well qualified team of employees. Over the years of our existence and continuous practice, we’ve been constantly gaining new experience. Thus far we’ve been able to accomplish and realise overwhelming projects, such as assembly and creation of stages for national and international concerts. Because of this we are now capable of tackling even the most challenging tasks and requests.

Our employees are experienced and well trained welders, assemblers and metal fixers, with years of expertise in their own field. Nonetheless, all of them are capable of dealing with any metal-work task they are given, executing their undertakings professionally and efficiently. We are continuously investing in the development of our team, as we value the quality of our services and our products.

Welding is a technological revelation of current times, and the profession can be used very extensively. Joining of metals, or other man made materials and using them to create immense and astounding constructions and technological installations allows more efficient and effective production systems in many other departments and industries e.g. building and construction.

WELD-INOX focuses primarily on the following market sectors

Food Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Heating Industry
Chemical Industry

Quality welding guarantees long term safety and comfort of use

Our employees know that the safety of all welded constructions and other devices depends on the quality and overall condition of the welding. This notion establishes general safety for the people that will use the products over many years to come. Welding needs to be performed under strict rules and norms that are outlined to all welders before they approach their work. A thorough control of the welding process and the processes that are involved before, throughout and after welding are key elements of our work.

The quality of welding services depends on various factors. One of them being the skills of the employees, their precision and accuracy. The use of correct materials and tools is also vital. The WELD-INOX company always uses prime and professional tools for every project we execute. Thanks to this, accomplishing successful, satisfying and even complicated constructions is always possible.

Along with the safety we also prioritise a comfort for the user/customer. This is why we make sure that all of our structures are carefully planned and thoroughly thought out. Unusual and custom requests and demands are also carried out accordingly with the provided/created rules and documentations.