The WELD-INOX company realises orders for various industries on the market, and applies the work accordingly with the required needs. We cooperate with businesses that have their roots in various fields, e.g. Pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical branches etc. During this process we provide the best solutions, advice and recommendations to execute the best and safest product possible. Some of these stages are: preparation of the project, making quotations, choosing the material, equipment, technology and finally installation of the construction. All of those aspects are controlled and supervised by us. Therefore we provide the most reliable services and create marvellous, satisfying products.

The scope of our services is very extensive – from the simplest tanks, all the way to advanced technological installations. No matter what the difficulty level is, and what the challenge can bring, we approach every single project with passion, dedication and precaution. Moreover, we care for the legal norms that have to be followed at all times, and complete all of our clients’ needs and desires.

Our service comprises of:

  • Installation and welding of acid-proof steel and carbon steel pipes (this includes various sizes and weight),
  • Installation and welding of stainless steel structures, as well as grinding and polishing of corrosion-resistant materials,
  • Prefabrication and assembly of steel flyovers and support structures (support frames, platforms, suspensions etc.),
  • Prefabrication of piping components, making the work more accurate and progressing much faster,
  • Installation and welding of steam and condensate pipelines
  • Heating systems (pipelines and heating nodes, boiler rooms and auxiliary equipment)
  • Installation of pumps, tanks, various measuring devices etc.
  • Installation and repair of bottling lines (e.g. in breweries, dairy factories and mineral water bottling companies),
  • Modernisation and repair of process tanks,
  • TIG welding services, most commonly used for welding stainless steel and other high alloy steel, titanium, copper, aluminum or nickel. TIG welding is often used for welding pipes and thin sheets, so the method isn’t just used in the industry of heavy metals,
  • Execution and completion of custom, unusual orders from clients, accordingly with the provided plans

The service is directed in particular at industrial factories, whose functioning and daily running depends on the efficiency of metal constructions and equipment used throughout the production process. We make sure that our final products are durable, secure and most of all created in a way that ensures comfort and safety. Years of experience in the industry, knowledge of the latest technologies and proper organisation allows us to promptly fulfill all tasks given to us.

We invite you to get familiar and use our services.